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Client Testimonials

“I would like to convey my sincere appreciation for the tremendous work...assist[ing] with reports from DOD.  [Your] support has been instrumental in the operation success of DOD.  The [team] has worked diligently with DOD to establish a great relationship that enhances interagency operability and fosters a dynamic team contributing directly to improvements in our oversight of the Program.  Thanks [for providing] outstanding support and dedication to the mission.”  

— Director, DOD (Source – Letter from Agency)

“[TechOpps] has provided a high level of subject matter expertise on a broad range of physical security-related matters for both internal and external stakeholders.  [TechOpps] has been given an overwhelming amount of praise by the Regional Directors....TechOpps’ personnel have been noted as performing exceptionally and were noted as being an invaluable asset to Agency.”

— DHS (Source – CPAR)

“I wanted to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the help [TechOpps] has been providing me and the [Program] Team over the past several months.  [TechOpps] has lifted a huge burden from me working on moving issues/bugs/maintenance items and improvements from JIRA to PVCS Tracker and then to another system.  [TechOpps] also created a spreadsheet that maps each number so to reduce confusion on which item belongs to which ticket in which system!!  I didn’t ask [TechOpps] for this but [they] took the initiative to create it on [their] own!  That was a complete blessing.  I know thank you is not always enough, but it is sincere!  Thank you, [TechOpps]!”

— Program Manager, DOD (Source – Client Email)

“...I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know the exceptional job [TechOpps] is doing for [DHS].  As I travel throughout the zone, I hear nothing but positive comments for the time and effort he puts into each project, request or clarification.  Example:  [TechOpps] created a standard Statement of Work (SOW) template to assist and support each inspector throughout the west zone.  By capturing input from senior inspectors, [TechOpps] developed a solid SOW platform that allowed each inspector to simply input recommended countermeasures and other data necessary to develop accurate government cost estimates, and justify costs to the customer during Facility Security Committee (FSC) presentations and other stakeholder inquiries.”

— Assistant Director Field Operations, DHS (Source – Client Email)

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